About Edward III

The Play on! playwright tasked with translating Edward III is Octavio Solis. Octavio is being assisted by dramaturg Kimberly Colburn. For more information about these artists, please click their photographs on the left. Octavio Solis is represented by Mark Orsini at Bret Adams LTD. and any interest in perusing or producing this work for Play On! should be directed toward morsini@bretadamsltd.net.

“Shakespeare” Classic Gets New Words – Edward III in Translation

By GEOFFREY RILEY & JOHN BAXTER Shakespeare scholars and fans are already debating whether “Edward III” is a Shakespeare play.  Did he write all of it?  Part of it?  None? The point is moot at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, which commissioned a modern-language version of the play as part of its “Play On!” series. Octavio […]

Understanding Shakespeare through a Modern Verse Translation:

Understanding Shakespeare through a Modern Verse Translation: A contemporary playwright translates Edward III for today’s audiences, to be performed as a dramatic reading March 27 in Ashland, Oregon February 21, 2017 By Kara Q Lewis Afternoon light filters over the laptop of playwright Octavio Solis, who focuses on the screen, puzzling out ways to decipher […]